What is ‘pegasus’ spyware and how does it hack phones?

What is ‘pegasus’ spyware and how does it hack phones? Mobile phones are a big part of our lives and they’ve become an incredible source of theft. They are easy targets for thieves because they’re carried everywhere and contain so much private information. A new type of spyware called “pegasus” has been discovered that can steal an Android smartphone’s data in less than 60 seconds and can even try to bypass the lock screen by using the phone’s camera to take pictures of your face.

The spyware is being sold online but it’s unknown if anyone has purchased it yet. The seller does not appear to be based in the US and the Pegasus app was found on a Chinese website that appears to be hosting malware. A European cybercrime police group has named “Pegasus” as one of its top 10 cyber threats in 2015 and they’ve called it “the highest-risk threat of the year.”


How pegasus spyware Works?

When Pegasus first infects a mobile phone, it uses an instant message program to download the malware. The spyware then uses your contact list to create and send text messages with links that will install the spyware onto your phone. Once the spyware is installed, it is able to monitor all of your phone’s information and actions. The spyware can extract text messages, call log information, GPS location, and pictures from photos taken with your phone.

Pegasus can also download other applications on your Android device without you knowing and install third-party apps that help it disguise itself as a game. According to Avast Threat Labs’ Radek Langa, “Pegasus is the first commercially available mobile malware that can compromise Android devices with just one click of a button.”


Why It Matters?

This type of malware poses both a technical and financial risk to everyone. The malware is difficult to distinguish from a normal app and it can sneak onto your phone without your knowledge. It’s also difficult to detect because Pegasus hides inside legitimate programs. It’s also designed to bypass lock screen passwords and uses tricks like voice replication that will allow hackers to impersonate whoever they want.

This spyware is incredibly dangerous because it can be used to steal sensitive information like Social Security numbers, private photos, emails, text messages, and other files in less than 60 seconds. The only way spyware like this can work so quickly is if it has access to the parts of phones that are set up for developers.

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