What Is A Network Support Engineer: The Job Description, Salary, And Career Path

Network Support Engineer

Network Support Engineers are the first responders when it comes to computer network failures and malfunctions. They keep networks running and monitor them for any irregularities. Network Support Engineers may be employed by a company that deals with network systems, or they may work freelance. Keep reading to see what you can expect as a Network Support Engineer!

What is a Network Support Engineer?

Network Support Engineers maintain and troubleshoot internet and computer systems, networks, devices, and more. They may be employed by a company that deals with network systems, or they may work freelance. There is no formal definition of what a network support engineer does, but they are expected to be familiar with the following:

Firewalls Network devices Wireless routers LAN PCs Mail Email When a network system or device malfunctions, network support engineers are the first people on the scene. They help troubleshoot the network problem and create a solution to fix it. How Much Does a Network Support Engineer Make? The average salary of a network support engineer is between $40 and $50,000 per year.

The Scope of Network Support Engineers in 2021: What Are The Requirements?

What Do Network Support Engineers do?

Network Support Engineers may work from home as contractors or they may be employed by a company that deals with network systems. While they may not be the ones actually operating the network hardware, they may have access to advanced systems and have the ability to make repairs to network hardware. This is why you might have a malfunctioning network monitor or network router.


They are the first to know that your network isn’t working. They may have to help you troubleshoot the problem so that it can be fixed. What Qualities Must You Possess To Be A Network Support Engineer? Network Support Engineers are usually highly qualified. You must have a technical degree and strong knowledge of computer networking.


What is the average salary of a Network Support Engineer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Network Support Engineer is $69,000. What are some career paths you can pursue as a Network Support Engineer? Network Support Engineers work with network equipment and software. They may work with virtual private networks and VPN solutions, networks and physical security devices, and hardware and software.

If your main responsibility is to troubleshoot network issues, you may work in IT management or in a security-related field, such as risk management. What are some common networking equipment and software technologies you’ll be using as a Network Support Engineer? Network Support Engineers need to know how to use specific networking equipment, such as routers, security cameras, and firewalls.


How do you become a Network Support Engineer?

To become a Network Support Engineer, you will first need to get a Bachelor’s degree in any field that deals with communications. You must be able to solve real problems and understand how systems work. Once you have completed a Bachelor’s degree, you should look into gaining certification from a training institute.

In the network support engineer career path, a field worker will take in-depth knowledge of various technologies, which will make him or her a valuable asset to any business that operates a network. The salary of a Network Support Engineer varies, depending on where you live. Check out the average salary for Network Support Engineers as reported by Payscale.com.


What are the challenges of being a Network Support Engineer?

Keeping networks up and running has got to be one of the most difficult and demanding jobs in the world. You will need to monitor networks to make sure everything is running smoothly. What’s more, you will be responsible for ensuring that the internet is protected and secure. You will need to research and uncover security vulnerabilities, as well as implement patches to patch up security loopholes.

You will also have to familiarize yourself with policies and security measures, which all go to build your skills. What are the responsibilities of a Network Support Engineer? The duties of a Network Support Engineer include advising the managers of the company when network problems occur, as well as answering any calls that come through regarding network issues.

What does a typical day look like for a Network Support Engineer?

A Network Support Engineer will be responsible for monitoring networks and fixing network issues that arise. At the start of each day, the Network Support Engineer will check network configurations, ensure devices are plugged in, monitor the network, and look for any potential problems. If they detect any issues that need to be fixed, they will work to resolve them.

Network Support Engineers may also work to fix hardware issues. They are responsible for testing the connectivity between devices and ensuring they are properly connected and communicating. Once all devices are tested and functioning correctly, the Network Support Engineer can relax for a while! What skills and traits are needed for a Network Support Engineer?



I hope you enjoyed the detailed job description that I shared here for a Network Support Engineer. Hopefully, the job description helped to provide a clearer picture of what the job entails. If you’re wondering if Network Support Engineers are the right role for you, I encourage you to give the Network Support Engineer job description a go. If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to become a Network Support Engineer, then click here to take a look at my guide on What Is A Network Engineer, And What Skills Are Required To Become One?

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