How to turn on Laptop without a power button?

How to turn on Laptop without a power button? Trying to power on your laptop and it no longer has a power button? I’ve got the guide for you! This guide will walk you through the steps of turning on your laptop with the keyboard.


If you do not see the keyboard right away on your laptop, it’s located under the “Fn” key. Pressing that will show your keyboard.

To turn on the laptop without a power button, you must press the following sequence of keys: Fn+Esc+Pwr+, Fn+F1, or F2, followed by pressing Enter Key. You will then hear a sound indicating that your laptop has turned on!

Pressing these keys in this sequence causes the computer to switch from standby mode to a normal mode of functioning.

Note: If your laptop still does not operate, you may have to press the power button a couple of times. You might also need to remove other physical obstructions that may be preventing the computer from functioning properly.

Good luck and happy computing!

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