Free Courses Certificates from Harvard University – Data Structures Algorithm DSA, Python, AI, Game Development

Free Courses Certificates from Harvard University – Data Structures Algorithm DSA, Python, AI, Game Development:

Hi Readers, Welcome to JobExamReview, and today I have brought to you free Courses and Certificates from Harvard University, in which you can learn Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), Python, AI, and Game Development and much more.

Who doesn’t like Data Structures And Algorithms? Even, love isn’t enough if you want to make it to the big leagues. Top tech interviews necessitate a detailed understanding of the industry as well as specialization.
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If you want to learn programming languages like C, C#, want to learn Python, or Frontend development like CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, etc? In the Backend, if you want to learn technologies like Django, Flask, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, or you have an interest in Game Development, then you can learn all these courses for free, you can even get a certificate by completing the free premium courses.

But here, just completing the course does not give the certificate, rather you have to complete the course, after this you will be given some tasks, you have to make some projects, only after then you are eligible to get the certificate.

So today in this post, I am going to tell you about a Webinar on DSA that you can attend completely free of cost, In which you will be told that during the interview session what types of questions are asked related to DSA, how can you approach those questions, and from where will you prepare?

Must-Know DSA: Dynamic Programming to Crack Coding Interviews

So basically you will be having a free session on Dynamic Programming with a super coder, Utkarsh Gupta. He holds India Rank-1 in Google Hash Code 2019 and is a master at Codeforces. On 20th May, Thursday, at 8 PM IST, join to become confident in this technique so that you can use it to your advantage at cracking product company interviews!

Utkarsh Gupta is an ex-Googler in Munich, Germany ( LinkedIn )

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What Things You Will Learn In This Session?

  • Good understanding of Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Dynamic Programming
  • Learn how to decide whether any problem can be solved using Dynamic Programming
  • Working knowledge of identifying & solving frequently asked interview questions on Dynamic Programming

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