DigiLocker Internship for freshers | Internship in Ministry of India | Free Certificate

DigiLocker Internship for freshers | Internship in Ministry of India | Free Certificate: Hi Readers, Welcome to JobExamReview, and today I have brought you an internship offer that is from the government of India, so basically this internship is from DigiLocker, which comes under the Ministry of Information Technology, You can fill the form online for the internship, and you will also be selected online.


What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a platform from the Government of India where you can store your scanned documents online digitally such as your Marksheet, Driving Licenses, RC’s, etc.

Who can apply for the DigiLocker Internship?

No matter if you are doing BCA/MCA/B.Tech/M. Tech you can apply for this internship, anyone having the necessary skills can apply.

What is this Internship about?

The Internship is based on developing and optimizing the IOS app of DigiLocker. Interested People can see all the details down below.

What are the benefits of using DigiLocker?

  1. After the internship is completed successfully, an internship certificate will be issued.
  2. Contributing to DigiLocker can be a fun way to learn, teach, and support others while also gaining experience.
  3. Since it is a citizen-centric application developed by the Indian government, contributing to this project means you are assisting Indian citizens in better service delivery.

Conditions for DigiLocker Internship

Internships are on a voluntary basis and Intern is not entitled to salaries or a guarantee of jobs at the end of the Internship. No office space will be offered and interns will have to work from home. Interns can use the OpenForge platform (https://openforge.gov.in) to collaborate and apply their work for examination.

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